The Company

Lesfam Company Ltd is one of the major distributors of Ghana made and imported foods and beverages, and other consumer goods. Our company has more than 5 years of experience in the distribution business as well as supermarket chains. We dominate the supermarket, traditional market, wholesalers and retailers’ markets space.


Lesfam Company Ltd is dedicated in using its resources to gain market share aggressively in the years to come. We strive to promote our quality brand with our knowledge of this market place. AFD is proud of its accomplishments to this date and is ready to take advantage of new challenges to come, while expanding and strengthening to new horizons of our business.

Lesfam market coverage is supplied with over 200 wholesalers and retailers stores indirectly.

The Staff

We are made up of eighty employees.

Our staff is composed of knowledgeable and professionals with a lot of experience in the sales, drivers, marketing and distribution business. We provide constant training and support to our sales force providing them with the backup required to penetrate this market place while increasing our client base daily and keeping the old clients always satisfied of our quality service.

Distribution System

We have 10 trucks which provide us with our diverse distribution system.

Our fleets are equipped with two-way radio communication systems linked to our central office. Drivers are provided with daily routes and we provide follow up by a supervisor at the end of day sales. Supervisors evaluate the sales and see the latest trends to better improve our daily sales while constantly updating our data analysis.

Marketing Strategy

Lesfam’s marketing philosophy and strategy is totally focused on innovation and service

Market penetration at all levels has and will continue to be at the core of its activities. Our marketing campaign is continuously monitored to ensure that each brand is uniquely positioned and targeting its intended audience. We also have our digital space and devices to market our brand, products available and selling of goods. We take advantage of the social media space our website and mobile App available.


Lesfam has invested in a route computer program to improve efficiency, reduce costs, monitor our sales force better, and provide quicker and better customer service.

This system would provide accurate sales figures and forecasts, and would provide sales promotions more promptly to customers. This system is specifically designed for the distributors, wholesalers, retailers clients in-house monetization and provides top quality support to our sales force.


We have facilities with solid equipments to keep our daily delivery and in-house operations in good shape at all times.

We have air conditioned facilities to enable the Control of Temperature and Comfort Levels for our workers and ensuring quality of our products.
Our Warehouse has over 50,000 sq. ft of space with 21 channels, 33 pallets and 168 bays. This modernized warehouse is fully equipped with the latest equipment and security 24 hours a day. We also have a showroom of 1,600 sq.ft where our customers can look at the array of quality products that we distribute.



Cost reduction policy without jeopardizing service


Teamwork shall be main focus throughout the organization


Maximize profits


Personal and professional development emphasized


Donate in Distributions space as Number One in the Ghana


Introduce NEW Innovative products and be ahead of our competitors


Increase sales by more than 30% annually

Core Values


Teamwork is the fuel that allows our staff to attain uncommon results.


Innovation is key thus even our set up is such that ideas and innovations can flourish.


We are highly consistent in pricing, availability and support


Quality products and services is our trademark and we always strive to keep it as such.